We ask to book your event 8-12 months in advance. The earlier you book, the more availability we have for rehearsal days.
We start rehearsals 2-3 months prior to your event.
The rehearsals are once a week.
The rehearsals run for 2 hours for QuinceaƱera's, Sweet 16's & Cotillions. 1.5 hours for weddings.
We accept cash, check & credit cards. We do charge a 4% fee for credit cards.
The deposit is $200.00.
There area total of 3 payments. The first is a $200.00 deposit upon signing the contract. After that, the remaining balance of the selected package is split into 2 payments.
We suggest that our clients pick their own music.
Traditionally we do 1 song for the waltz. We ask for a minimum of 3-5 songs for the Surprise Dance
The Silhouette Drape Set-Up at its full built, is 12 feet wide by 10 feet tall.
Package A, B & C do include the choreographer attending your event for 2 hours max.